My Computer Addiction

Right now I am writing from my computer, which is now in safe mode 🙂 For five days I struggled with this machine. I still don’t know what happened, but I’m willing to bet I had some sort of virus. Windows was not allowing me to restore to a previous state. It wasn’t allowing me to do much of anything until today. I was able to run my Adware program and removed 124 harmful items. It took me all morning just to be able to do this in safe mode, now I’m afraid to see if it’s all fixed by starting up in normal mode. I’m going to enjoy what I can right now because, I have been going through withdrawals. I have been able to communicate through my ipod touch, but there’s only so much you can do on that small screen. I came to realize that, I depend on my computer so much. I keep my financial records and important information stored in my computer. Now I will always make sure to back everything up on some sort of external device. I’m so glad that I kept my book file on a flash drive and also shared a copy with my friend, and fellow writer, every step of the way. I was so lost the past few days. I basically do everything on my computer. I get my news, watch programs, stay in touch with friends, bank, and even do some shopping all from the comfort of my computer. I missed being able to write and do some reading online. I have a home based business and needed to type up a letter, and was so upset when I didn’t have the option to type and, print it out. Anytime I need to get information, I head straight to the internet and get my answer in a matter of seconds. I rely on it too much. I’m an addict, there must be a 12 step program for this. I need to get into one quickly 🙂


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