Physical Attraction

What is it about those people who, render us, an incoherent mess? I’m talking about those we have an immense chemical reaction to. The ones we lose all common sense with. Just being in their presence, you can’t help but be more giddy and,well, dumb. You know you’re losing grip on your intelligence, but you just don’t care. Most times, they possess all the physical attributes you find attractive. They excite you because they’re so different from you, yet they seem to have the same intense attraction towards you.  A simple touch of their hand, sends your body into shivers that you can still feel, days later. You would think, with all the chemistry that, a long lasting partnership would follow. In my experience, I have yet to form an unbreakable bond with such a person. My last relationship continued, somewhat, five years past our actual break-up. It was because of this physical attraction why it went on as long as it did. It was almost dysfunctional,well, not almost, it was. There was a lot of passion, which made it hard to walk away. I felt as if I was not in control of my will. Even with all the drama surrounding the ill-fated relationship, there was never a lack of desire and passion. It seems almost cruel not to be able to go the distance. Why is it that we give so much of ourselves in a situation like this? Or am I alone in this? I’m not so sure I am.  I know both men and women that have risked losing a loving, stable relationship in favor of an ongoing super-charged escapade. I would love to know if there is a science behind it. I know, vaguely, about pheromones and such but, do we attract specific people to us? I need to investigate this further 🙂


2 responses to “Physical Attraction

  • 2passion

    Your post certainly struck a chord with me. While married, I’m in a risky relationship with someone who literally takes my breath away. The chemistry–sexual and otherwise– is amazing. I’m struggling with why we are apart and I’m staying in a passionless marriage. Often times we take risks for those moments that make us feel alive, wanted, needed and appreciated.

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