Female Bonding

Today, I’m off to a girls-only weekend! I’m taking off from work a little early, so I can meet my friends for some much-needed female bonding. In a society that loves to pit women against each other, it’s so important for us to get together, to celebrate each other.  A gathering with those that understand your journey through life, does so much to feed the soul. Spending time with like-minded women, makes me feel rejuvenated. The pressure to be all things, to everyone  in my life, eases, allowing me to just be a woman. For a couple of days, I’ll get to focus on myself and, having a great time. I love being a mother,  my kids are the best thing to ever happen to me. But there are those times when, I need to remember myself, and that I do, have my own life to live. As I set off for the weekend with my girlfriends, I’m reminding myself that, it is okay to take time for myself. As a woman, and a mother, it makes it difficult to accept that, I’m not being selfish.  Being a happy woman, makes for a better mother, along with any other roles I play in my life.


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