Following a Dream

The last few days have been so exciting. I finally told my kids about my book Enchanted Island. As expected, my daughter was a little more excited. My son was interested and asked questions about it, but to get him to read it, is going to take some work :D… If it’s not about sports or video games, he’s going to have a tough time getting interested. But he WILL read it eventually 😀

This past weekend, there was a Presale for Enchanted Island held. This event was my coming out, so to speak. I’ve now gone public to my friends. I must say, they have been impressed with what I was able to accomplish. One of my old high School friends went as far as to call me her hero. She said I inspired her to continue with her dream. She had kept her dream from those close to her, just as I did. I wish her all the luck in the world and I will most definitely support her.

My fellow writer friend and I, are so completely beside ourselves. The website is getting a lot of traffic these days, and there were already orders placed during the Presale.  R.C. Berry is the author of Set in Stone: The Life and Death of Medusa and a wonderful friend of mine. To find out more about us and our debut novels visit:


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