Today, I want to travel to, the wonderful world of make-believe. It all started, when a friend told me of a dream she had last night. It involved a certain HOT celebrity :D… It got me to thinking about, all the sexy dream-worthy celebs. Today I feel like being whimsical!

Right now, my favorite male celeb is Gerard Butler! Good lord! Where do I begin? The accent, the body, the dashing good looks, oh my! He cleans up nicely, but still looks good in a pair of jeans. He can come across as so adorably sweet, yet be badass too. I love that in a man!

If I was 20 years younger, I’d feel a lot better about drooling over Taylor Lautner! He catapulted to fame in his role of Jacob Black, in the movies adapted from the Twilight saga novels. My oh my, what a fantastic piece of eye candy. The young boy has tween girls and women alike, foaming at the mouth. I cannot wait to follow his career. The older he gets, the better I feel about “admiring” him ;)…

I would SO, love to smell, what the Rock is cooking! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, came on the scene as a WWE wrestling champ. His outrageous antics in the ring were comical. The cocky persona is what caught my attention. He has every reason to be full of himself. I’m tempted to insert a crass joke here but, I will refrain. You can use your imagination :D…He’s been in many movies now, ranging from family friendly to kickass action. He’s great in any role he takes on. Mmm yeah, I’d say I’m crushing.

I still have a thing for Keanu Reeves. The movie, The Matrix really did it for me! I was a fan before that but, woo hoo, it got kicked up a notch, once the movie became my favorite.I love the role he played in, Something’s Gotta Give. He’s often seen as, the goofball or dimwit by comedians taking shots at him. But I loved him in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure! Loved him even more in A Walk in The Clouds! *Swoon* I just love him,period.

I suppose that’ll do for now, there are so many more I’d love to dream about at night. To be continued 😉


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