It took me a very long time to even get my driver license. I was nearly 30 years old. I just never had the driving bug. I attribute that to, me, being some rich snob in another life-time and, being used to getting driven around 🙂 Yeah, we’ll go with that. It seems that I have an endless amount of patience for most things but, some things just render me an impatient fool! Like driving, for instance. I’m not the best driver but, certainly not the worst. I obey traffic signs, I’m courteous, and drive mostly at the speed limit 😉 Ok, well maybe I need to work on the speed thing a little 🙂 I’m never reckless though.

So, I’m driving this morning, in a school zone. I’m going the posted speed limit, more or less 🙂 Okay, seriously, I was driving properly. The guy on my right has a stop sign and, I, of course, have the right-of-way. He barely stops at the sign, and drives on through. I’m going straight and thinking, wow what a jerk! The funny thing is, he gave me the dirty look. Me? I have the damn right-of-way! Argh! See, that right there gets me annoyed. I have zero patience for that. I know it’s so darn petty 😀 It just really gets under my skin. Driving, all it does is, drive me crazy!


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