What Makes It So Easy to Walk Away From ChildrenThese Days?

Being a single parent with no help from a co-parent, has got to be one of the loneliest things on this planet. No one enters  into parenthood believing that they will, solely, be responsible for raising a child. Obviously, I’m not talking about those that opt to have a child “unconventionally” I’m talking about two people who were in a loving relationship, or at the very least, liked each other. I will never understand a parent being absent from their child’s life. I don’t want to sound judgmental, but it truly is something I can not comprehend. To totally cut your child out of your life, seems so heartless. I’m a single mother of two teenagers and its so difficult for me to deal with the fact that their father does not bother with them. It’s such a lonely feeling, when you feel like you have nothing left to give, and there’s no comfort from the other parent. My mother has supported me and been there the whole time. It’s just not the same, at least to me it’s not. It’s not her job to be co-parenting with me. She’s supposed to be enjoying her grandchildren and spoiling them rotten, then sending them back home to me. Instead she’s there, worrying, every step of the way with me. I’m struggling to raise these beautiful children, one of them being a son. How can I give him what he should be getting from his father? It makes me so upset. I never married, but came very close. The last man I was with, for five years, promised that he would always have my son’s back. Where is he now? When my relationship ended with him, so did the one he had with my son. He’s now playing house with another woman and her children. And I was engaged to him! What makes it so easy to walk away from children these days?


3 responses to “What Makes It So Easy to Walk Away From ChildrenThese Days?

  • Keith Williams

    I feel this piece. My children’s mother ANd I broke up in 2005. We did the back & forth thing for about another two years. Then, I finally put a stop to it. My daughter was 3 and my son was 5. She sees them sporadically but, months will go by without a word. Sad fact is that, some people are just monsters. It can’t be helped. Originally, she wanted to take them but, I knew she only wanted to use them as pawns against me. It is what it is and I let it do what it do. The reason I wouldn’t let her take the kids was because, every time we got back together, she wasn’t concerned with them in the least. It was all about she and I. so, how could I in good conscience let her take them when i knew that when she eventually started a new relationship, they would be outcasts and outsiders in their own home? No thanks, I’ll keep them with me where they’ll always be loved. Being a single parent is painful & difficult but, keep your head held high. I salute you.

  • kimmy0808

    I’m also a single mom of a 2 year old daughter. Me and my ex broke up few months ago. For months i didn’t have any idea where he at, he even didn’t gave any thing for our daughter and now he’s calling for to file an annulment. It hurt so much because he doesn’t care of our daughter anymore.

  • Joy Kingsborough

    Hello May – I love this post! I was a single mom for 9 years before I remarried and had another child. The first few years were very lonely…and it took a lot of support from family to make sure my son had all that he needed. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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