New Project

(c) Copyright 2010 May Torres

The past few months, I’ve been getting ready to be an exhibitor at FaerieCon. I went last year, for the first time with two friends and had a wonderful time. I spoke about it, briefly, in my last post.  It’s an event where people from all over, who believe in faeries and the fae way of life, come together to celebrate. Anything relating to fantasy and the mythical is represented there. It’s a gathering of like-minded people ,from all walks of life.  The general feeling is, of acceptance and inclusion. I never felt bad about the few extra pounds around my middle. Or my overly curly hair. Or my tiny stature. There were so many talented people there. This year, my good friend and I, would like to join the ranks. In preparing for the event, I’ve had fantasy on the brain. Most of all faeries. It got my brain working, and I began writing a story. With Enchanted Island, there were supernatural elements to the story.  Karma was the theme. In this new story I’m touching upon fantasy and magic. There will, of course, be a love story.  I’m not very much into, what one would call, sappy fairy tales so, I’m sure the story will develope dark aspects at some point. The following is an excerpt you will only find here 🙂

All of her life, Alura had been told, never to venture past the Kielletty falls. This particular summer morning, just before dawn, she found herself nearing the prohibited waters. Alura’s inquisitive nature often landed her in one fine mess after the next. Luckily, she was always able to escape each instance, unscathed. Taking slow strides, she got in close enough, to feel the gentle mist against her face.  She closed her eyes and, took in every refreshing moment of the cooling spray.

Like a Siren song, the soothing waters called to her. Alura ignored every warning she was ever given. She brazenly set her right foot in the shallow brook that leads to the falls. As she prepared to immerse her left foot, her eyes locked onto a ghastly sight.  After a barely audible gasp, Alura darted off, unsure if her eyes had just deceived her.

Arriving at the front door of her home, Alura fought to slow her breathing. Once she steadied herself, she opened the door to her mother preparing breakfast.  Alura wanted so badly to tell her mother of the incident down by the falls but, knew she would be disappointed by her disobedience.  Instead, she opted for routine small talk, over the first meal of the day.

As breakfast was being served, Alura’s father took his place at the head of the table.  Desperately trying to avoid eye contact, Alura quickly gulped down her fruit and honey cake.  She was ready to excuse herself, when her father instructed her to remain seated.

Alura’s heartbeat quickened at the thought of being found out.  She began formulating excuses in her head, to explain why she was down by the Kielletty Falls.  Her father gave her a disapproving look as he tapped his fingers on the table.


Alura prepared to give a confession, when she was cut off by her father.

“Be sure to clean up after yourself and, thank your mother for breakfast.”

She let out a sigh of relief and did as she was told. She got so caught up in trying to cover up her transgression; she forgot to extend the common courtesy she normally would.

Alura sat at the foot of her bed rehashing the memory of what she witnessed down by the falls. Never had she come upon such a vision.  She knew no one would believe her account, for she barely believed it herself.  Deciding not to speak of it to anyone, she tucked the memory safely in the back of her mind. One thing, Alura knew for certain, it would not be the last time she would visit Kielletty Falls.

(c) Copyright 2010 May Torres

This is just the introduction. I’m having fun, so far. I’ve written six chapters already and, I have to say, it’s quite liberating, to be able to write about whimsical fantasy. There are no rules to follow, or particular facts to get straight. It’s purely up to me, what type of magical world to create. There you have it, my new project.


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