Why Is It So Hard To Find People Who Will Reciprocate?

I’m just wondering, do the people who choose to use Facebook or Twitter for business purposes, really care about networking? I’ve created a few different accounts for my business endeavors, separate from my personal life. For nearly a year, next to none of the people who initiated a connection, even interact with me. I didn’t seek them out, they requested the “friendship.” Most of them post all about themselves, and offer no feedback to the people they chose to put in their circle. Like me.

Why bother surrounding yourself with tons of people, who could potentially, become customers, just to ignore them? Are they so consumed in trying to make a name for themselves, that they forget the need to actually connect with potential consumers? I don’t enjoy feeling like I was put on someone’s contact list, only, to be constantly pitched with their product.

To me, networking is like a give and take. I’ll pitch my idea to you, and then listen when you pitch your idea. Maybe, take it a little further, and introduce one another’s goods to our respective contacts. It doesn’t seem to work out that way. I feel like people are more interested in accumulating a large number of “friends” just to show that they can. Are all these people actively involved? Do they contribute, at all, to your cause? Have they become a consumer of your goods? No, mostly they’re just taking up space. You’ve invited them into your circle, to watch the one-man show  that you created.

After a while of witnessing this, I finally decided to try to create a space, for people who were serious about networking. I started a Facebook page, dedicated to helping people with a good or service, connect with others like them. People joined the page, and I began to feel hopeful. Sadly, of the number of people who joined, there are, perhaps, three people who contribute. That’s including me.

I’m going to try to remain hopeful, because I truly believe in the cause. I consider myself to be supportive, of those trying to make things happen for themselves. Anyway I can help, I will. Why is it so hard to find people who will reciprocate?

3 responses to “Why Is It So Hard To Find People Who Will Reciprocate?

  • Draven Ames

    There are people that will. Most will, actually, if you point them your way. Sometimes, especially in writing, we get so busy with so many people, that we have to take the time to remember to stop by. I know it doesn’t make sense completely, but I have like 600 people on facebook. I read a very few on the daily basis. But whenever someone stops by and says something, I make sure to take the time to read something about them. Sometimes, I don’t have time to do that for a few days – other times I forget. There are just so many people.

    Someone said 100 people is the most number of social friendships a person can have. I’m inclined to believe the number should be lower. It is hard to remember so many people.

    I will say that I remember you. You’ve stopped by, said enough things and done enough that I am starting to notice you all the time. That is a good thing. That means you are doing something right.

    I find the more I interact, the more people will interact with me.

    So yes, some people do. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking now.

    And you will probably want to talk with me more, thereby making us fast networking friends. We have both seen the value in one another, and we have both liked what we have read by one another. That is the start you look for. Past that, I just try to promote people when I see their stuff and like it. I know you do the same.

    But some will always be busy and seem like they don’t talk to anyone. In reality, the internet is so big, locked behind so many walls, that you can’t see how busy they are.

    Draven Ames

    • May Torres

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so happy when I can come across another person who has no problem lending support to someone else. I see how you’ll promote others. I have acted upon your recommendations and glad for it. I agree with you about having fewer than 100 social friendships. I like the idea of having a smaller group of people, who come together to lend support, and most of all, interact. With my Facebook account I try to keep the number low, I couldn’t imagine having 600, yikes! It’s so weird, I was so not interested in using Twitter. I’m still learning how it works. I noticed that I’ve interacted more with people in the last couple of weeks on Twitter, than I have on Facebook, after a year. I always thought Facebook was more intimate. Now I think Twitter has converted me lol. I found a lot of interesting people there, and learning so much. Things are looking up. I appreciate you taking the time to voice your point of view! Thanks again!

  • Draven Ames

    Not a problem. Twitter is more business – but isn’t that the truth of what this is? What are we doing, if not selling ourselves? We have limited time. Every writer has more things they want to write than they will ever finish. Less characters = more time networking. Just follow links, read and comment. That helps people more than most of the useless stuff we talk about on Facebook.

    Twitter gets to the point.

    The point is: I want to read what you have. I want you to read what I have. No promises.

    These days, the world wants more things that are NSA. We are selling fame. You buying?

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