Life Gift Registry

Whether you’re getting married, moving into a new place or about to have your first baby, you go to your favorite store and what do you do? You register, that’s what. You go through the store adding things on a list that you would love to have. It takes the guess-work out of what people should buy for you to mark the special occasion. Some love these gift registries and some dislike them. But there’s no denying the popularity of said service.

After you’ve selected everything your heart desires, people are more than happy (We’d like to think 🙂 ) to run out and purchase these things for you. Those near and dear to you hurry to grab those big-ticket items as if it’s some indication of their awesomeness. The satisfaction they derive from sitting at your bridal shower or house-warming party when you’re opening the gifts–hey, it’s just what you wanted!

Now imagine if you could do that for life, in general. No special occasion, just being able to put what you most desire on a list and people clamoring at the chance to oblige. How awesome would that be? I’m not suggesting here that others are responsible for providing you with things you should be attaining for yourself.  This is just a whimsical little post so don’t shoot me down.

One of the things I’d put on  my list would be, endless opportunities to travel. It’s probably my favorite thing to do. What would you put on your Life Gift Registry?


5 responses to “Life Gift Registry

  • Christine

    Nice blog btw I despise those registry things but I am guilty of going for some ppl and getting them what they want or NEED. That said I would just want a cure for my bone disease..that’s all.One day I hope I am alive to see it happen…oh an a night with Rock would be AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE 😉

    • May Torres

      Yeah I do also dislike the gift registry lol. But I do go out and use them when I know someone really reallyyyy wants something from the list. I would surely go out and get you that cure right away. I believe you will be here to see it. And a night with The Rock. I think that would be on so many people’s list including mine lol

  • Christine

    I didn’t want to be overzealous n put him first LMAO but I had to put him on my list. TY May I really hope so 2..that is all I really would want..I have what I of my hubs,Betty n Ozzy n of course u n a handful of friends 🙂

  • davidprosser

    Given a choice, I think I’d like to be the one in a position to provide the things that people put on their lists since I don’t really need anything these days ( except health and I can’t buy that).
    In this country we don’t much go in for the gift registry idea though I suppose some do and it’s catching on. I’d love to be able to buy houses so everyone is secure, cars, baby item and holidays for those who need them. I’d hate the publicity though so don’t say a word. Shhhh.

    • May Torres

      How wonderful of you to want to provide the security that a home provides for people. I also like being the one to get things for others. I don’t normally ask for much so the idea of registering at a store and compiling an entire list of stuff I’d like would be hard for me.

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