Carbs. Glorious carbs. They are the bane of my existence. They are my weakness. For health reasons and also being desperate to drop some weight, I decided that this was the year to get a handle on my addiction. I had tried to kick my carb addiction before by eliminating ALL carbs from my diet at once, cold turkey. I did great at first but it all fell apart soon after. This year, I still used the cold turkey method but I’ve decided to tackle one carb at a time. I figured I’d give myself a month to conquer one evil then take on another the next month.


January 1st I started with my most difficult of carbs to give up. I LOVE bread. All kinds of doughy goodness. I can eat bread as a meal. This New York City girl loves her pizza and bagels! I called on my stubborn Taurus trait to slay this beast. The first few days without bread were no biggie. It was so new and the energy from a new year carried me to victory that first week. By week two it seemed like all I saw around me was bread.

I felt like I was being tortured because my family was buying bagels all of a sudden when they hadn’t for a long time. Then…pizza. It seemed like they were ordering pizza every day. They weren’t but it seemed that way 🙂 It became hell the second week. I just wanted to stuff an entire pizza pie in my mouth. I felt like rolling around in a bed of pizza pies. But I held on. I made it to January 31st without eating any type of bread! (That includes pancakes, waffles, soft tacos/tortillas, wraps, English muffins etc) I rewarded myself with these mini pizzas. They’re like the size of silver dollar pancakes.



That was it. I moved onto February. I have been bread-free for 41 days. In addition to cutting bread, I’ve said goodbye to pasta in February. It’s only been 10 days. But I’m still going strong. I also LOVE pasta! I used to enjoy  bread with my pasta. Double trouble! Trying to keep my blood sugars in check wasn’t happening with that winning combination. I’m finding that cutting pasta has been a bit easier than it was with bread. Next month I will tackle white potatoes.


I’m hoping that I can get to a point where I can control myself and be able to enjoy these carbilicious foods responsibly. Until then I have to be hard on myself. I can admit that at this point I would totally fall of the wagon if I allow myself to indulge here and there. I’ll reward myself at the end of the month and be happy with that. My name is May, and I’m a Carbaholic.

4 responses to “Carbaholic

  • davidprosser

    Me too. Bread and potatoes have been h downfall of my waistline and my blood sugars. But at home, I mainly eat sweet potatoes if I cook or a small portion of micro chips if not. Trouble is I eat out on a Sunday at a carvery and am tempted by the white potato mash and the delicious roast potatoes.
    Help me, I’m a sinner.
    xxx Massive Hugs and Well Done xxx

    • May Torres

      Sinning tastes so yummy sometimes lol. Oh my goodness white potato mash…delicious! Roast potatoes, I’m drooling just thinking about them. I’ll have my fill of them this month then next month I will be eating just sweet potatoes. They are tasty so I won’t feel too bad.

  • Vera

    May you should check out Talk about food freedom. Yes, getting rid of bad carbs is a good thing, but understanding why they are so addicting and finding healthy alternatives is very helpful. They recently published a cookbook too that is wonderful. Hugs.

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