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When Did Support Die?– Guest Post by Christine

As part of my Enchanted Summer Games, I gave the participants a chance to do a guest post on either one of my blogs. I’m happy to post the first entry now. It comes from a woman who I interact with on Twitter. We connected because of a mutual admiration of, The Great One, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She and her young daughter have been participating in my games daily. We’ve come to find out we have a hell of a lot of things in common. I’m enjoying getting to know her and her beautiful family. This is the reason I cooked up these games. It warms my heart when she tells me that competing in the games has brought her closer to her daughter through the friendly rivalry going on and time spent playing the games.  The participants were told that they could write about any topic they wanted. Yet this woman chose to make her blog post about me! She suffers with a medical condition and is a mother of two! And she finds time to show support for little old me. That’s something I take note of and will never forget. Now on to her post. 

When Did Support Die? by Christine

I joined Twitter ~3yrs. ago, all be it to follow Dwayne “Rock” Johnson, an to my surprise met quite a lot of people who took the same interest as me, not just “Rock” related ,but wrestling and reading. Through the years I have gained n lost a few followers, but “the best ones” Thank God have stayed around. I am ,with my daughter Bethany, playing a game hosted by a GR8 better known Friend May Torres. She has written a book called Enchanted Island (which I am enjoying reading) an has come up with #EnchantedGames to allow her followers an friends to get to know her n each other better. It pisses me off with all the people on her list and mine that a handful play along. I ask WHY? ..The events are fun an the questions an tasks allow her to know you better and vice versa. It doesn’t take up all your time(as I am a Mom of 2 n go to rehab for my bone disease everyday).I am having a great time playing game n meeting new people but most of all learning MORE about May who I have been following for so long. I do understand that everyone’s life is busy, but 10 minutes of your day isn’t a lot to get to know more about your “friend” an give her support. Who knows one day you may need support an “word of mouth” to get your projects n dreams off the ground, yet your past actions might make it that much more TOUGHER. So I say Where is the support an not just pertaining to this but in life in general ?

**This is the daily post I mentioned above regarding the task of guest blogging today**

Good Times, Man…Good Times…

I’ve been extremely distracted and preoccupied with a trip that I’m taking in the Spring of 2012. My writing has seemingly come to a halt as I’m consumed by this said trip. I have a hard time focusing because I’m suffering from a “one track mind.” I drive my family and friends crazy, I’m sure, and am pretty much the brunt of jokes. With all this being said, ask me if I care. NO! I don’t 😀

That’s right! I don’t care because I’m going to WrestleMania XXVIII! No, your eyes have not deceived you. I said I’m going to the WWE’s event of the year. The SuperBowl of sports entertainment. Not only am I going, but I’m going VIP style all the way! I joke that I sold my firstborn just to be able to purchase the tickets. It’s not far from the truth, I tell ya. 🙂

Okay, well maybe I didn’t almost sell my firstborn son for the tickets, but they sure were the biggest purchase I ever made for myself to date. Definitely the most elaborate trip I’ve ever planned. I’m wondering, if you’re wondering, if I’m partaking in this insanity by myself. And if you weren’t wondering, I’m going to clue you in anyway 🙂

First thing, the event is taking place in Miami, Florida. I live in New York so yes, I am hopping on a plane just to attend. (btw many people travel from other countries to this event) As for me embarking on this trip on my own. Negative. I have two co-conspirators just waiting to make this journey epic! My writing partner and dear friend R.C. Berry and the lovely Ms Ang. We are beyond thrilled to be taking this trip together.

With the VIP travel packages we bought, there are so many things to get into leading up to the main event. Including the opportunity to get autographs and take pictures with our favorite WWE stars. We each have one that strikes our fancy. I have pledged my undying love to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. R.C. Berry has a real thing for Randy “The Viper” Orton. Ms Ang just loves her some John Cena. We all love each of the aforementioned so this trip is going to be such a treat!

Now that you have a little background I want to share something with you. Seconds after our purchase of WrestleMania XXVIII tickets, we celebrated. I guess I should tell you that I live in New York and that my friends live in North Carolina. We designated one person, R.C. Berry, the person to handle the actual transaction. So we skyped the whole experience. Now getting back to what I wanted to share with you.

The celebration that I mentioned, was caught on camera. Yes, there is proof. The three of us ladies got bit with the “I don’t give a sh!t” bug. I was at work looking like a hot mess (hey I work with small children), while Ms. Ang had gotten into some of R.C. Berry’s costumes. She was wearing quite the ensemble. You’ll see how they included me in the festivities via the Ipad. Good times, man…good times…


April 22, 2010. That’s the date my first novel was released! It’s almost that time again. My baby will be celebrating its first birthday. Join me in celebrating this milestone. Over at my publisher’s facebook page, we’re holding a contest. Here is a snippet from the publisher’s post:

“In honor of our one year bookaversary, the day our debut titles were released. We will be holding a contest throughout the month of April. Our actual bookaversary is April 22. Celebrate with us!

(Click here for Touche Publishing’s Facebook Page)

Refer a Friend Contest

The contest will be set up with a points system in place. Be the first contestant to accumulate 100 points and win! By getting your friends to participate on Touche Publishing’s “fan” page, through various activities, you can be the winner of an Electronic Book Reader.”


(Click here for the full post)

A big thanks to everyone who has followed my journey this past year.  You have made it such a rewarding experience for me. I continue to learn from each one of you. You only make me better, so don’t go anywhere 🙂

Thank You For Being a Friend

In 1981 Congress passed a resolution recognizing Women’s History Week.  In 1987 they expanded the focus to a whole month. March has been set aside as this month in the United Kingdom and in the United States. So in keeping with this spirit of celebration, I’d like to talk about women I admire. For the next month, I will highlight a few of these women each week. Some I know personally, and some are people I wish I knew.

My next selection for women I admire, is someone I know personally. (Click here for previous post)

My partner in crime, R.C. Berry. I have only known her about three years, but it feels like I’ve known her so much longer. I mean that in a good way 🙂 We have shared a life-time of experiences in such a short time span. We met and traveled together almost immediately. Our first stop, Miami’s South Beach. It was  a short weekend trip but we packed in a lot of fun and discovered the start to a great friendship.

Ras and May

Since then we have traveled several more times, visited each others respective home towns, and embarked on a new journey; writing. When I met her she was an awesome event planner. I even attended her kick-ass New Year’s Eve masquerade party. It was well-planned and very successful. I had never been to an event like it. However, not too long after we met, the economy tanked. She had to put her business on hold. It was right after that, that we started writing our first books. We published them under the new publishing company we started, and haven’t looked back.

This is all well and good, but I want to tell you why I admire her. The first reason is because she has the most infectious smile. It really is, that simple. She has a Betty Rubble giggle that makes me chuckle. When we met, I was going through a terrible heartbreak. Something about her witty and sunny disposition made me feel better. She’s hilarious and if you read one of my previous posts,  you’ll know that I really love funny people. A good sense of humor is such a wonderful trait to have. And boy does she have it.

I’ve never had a more generous friend. If there’s something she thinks you should have, she gives it. That includes her affection and love. There is never a time, when I have to question her feelings. She readily gives of herself, and doesn’t ask for anything in return. The very first year I met her, I fell on hard times and found myself without money to buy my children Christmas gifts. Just from me mentioning my dilemma, she took action. She sent money to my PayPal account and didn’t say a word. When I saw the email advising me that she had sent me money, I wept.  The gesture was so selfless because I knew she was also going through financial hardship. She just wanted my children to have Christmas.

From that point on, I knew I had finally found a person who I could trust. Someone I could trust to have my best interest at heart. Trust that I could depend on her to be there in my time of need. No matter what the need. Trust her with my thoughts and feelings. Knowing that I could confide in her without her passing judgment. I can safely say, I know she’ll always be there.  With deep love and gratitude for taking special care of our friendship, I say, thank you for being a friend.

Just Thought I’d Mention It

Just a few weeks ago, I posted a blog entry about how difficult it was to find reciprocity.  I wanted to write a quick follow-up to that post. While I still see a huge lack of reciprocity in my networking circle, I have to bring attention to those who have come through. One of the replies to my post came from a gentleman I came across in cyberspace. He pointed out how keeping track of several hundred contacts can be somewhat difficult. I understand his point, and  totally see how it could be.  I think what irks me most, is the number of people whose only concern is having the most friends and followers. The ones interested in only serving their needs. I look for people who actually engage their friends and followers. So this post is dedicated them. *I provided direct links to each person mentioned. So, please click on the highlighted text to “meet” them.* 🙂

The gentleman I mentioned above, is Draven Ames. He’s a writer and takes interest in the people in his social networking circle, whether it be Twitter or Facebook. Although he has many followers and hundreds of friends on Facebook, he still manages to be approachable.  Follow him on Twitter or through his blog Another Slightly Scary Story. Find out more about him. You’ll be glad you did.

Being Latino Online Magazine, is a site I first came upon via Facebook. They bring together the Latino community through a series of informative articles. They help educate while also being entertaining. No matter who the author is of a particular article, you can rest assured that they will appreciate your interest and converse with you. You can follow them on Twitter and check out their magazine here on WordPress

Just by connecting with Draven Ames and Being Latino, I was able to be exposed to others, I find interesting to follow.

Sheri Jenkins White– She writes great stories. You have to check them out on Chaos and Contentment

Julio Varela– He has an excellent blog on WordPress and might I add, cojones! [sorry :-)]

Icess Fernandez -Nice to chat with. Check out her blog Writing to Insanity

Ms Kitty Alvarez– So much fun to chat up. Check her out on Twitter

John Marino– Cool blog about horror. Check him out at Horror Writing

Laurel-Rain Snow– Always an active participant on my blog. You can check out her blog here on WordPress

I’m sure I’ll be updating this list frequently. Finally, I also want to mention a few of my personal friends who always show me support.

R.C. Berry-Fantastic new author and my partner on this publishing journey. Kind and amazing friend! Check her out on Facebook and Touché Publishing

Amy Priscilla Kim– I’ve known Amy over 10 years now. She’s smart and sassy. She’s also an Independent Sales Representative/eRepresentative at Avon. Find out more info at her Avon website and follow her on Twitter.

Jen Ryan-Super cool lady and good friend. She has been a big supporter. Jen has a blog which is one of my favorites, UnseenNYC. Since most tour guide sites and books concentrate on Manhattan, her site caters to the other boroughs of New York City. Follow her on Twitter

Angela McCool– Fun, with a lot of spunk. She is a “friend of a friend” who quickly became one of mine. She just launched her new products which you can find at Mariposa Fashions. I think the ladies will love them and men even more 😉

I enjoy sharing cyberspace with each of these people, just thought I’d mention it.