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Carbs. Glorious carbs. They are the bane of my existence. They are my weakness. For health reasons and also being desperate to drop some weight, I decided that this was the year to get a handle on my addiction. I had tried to kick my carb addiction before by eliminating ALL carbs from my diet at once, cold turkey. I did great at first but it all fell apart soon after. This year, I still used the cold turkey method but I’ve decided to tackle one carb at a time. I figured I’d give myself a month to conquer one evil then take on another the next month.


January 1st I started with my most difficult of carbs to give up. I LOVE bread. All kinds of doughy goodness. I can eat bread as a meal. This New York City girl loves her pizza and bagels! I called on my stubborn Taurus trait to slay this beast. The first few days without bread were no biggie. It was so new and the energy from a new year carried me to victory that first week. By week two it seemed like all I saw around me was bread.

I felt like I was being tortured because my family was buying bagels all of a sudden when they hadn’t for a long time. Then…pizza. It seemed like they were ordering pizza every day. They weren’t but it seemed that way 🙂 It became hell the second week. I just wanted to stuff an entire pizza pie in my mouth. I felt like rolling around in a bed of pizza pies. But I held on. I made it to January 31st without eating any type of bread! (That includes pancakes, waffles, soft tacos/tortillas, wraps, English muffins etc) I rewarded myself with these mini pizzas. They’re like the size of silver dollar pancakes.



That was it. I moved onto February. I have been bread-free for 41 days. In addition to cutting bread, I’ve said goodbye to pasta in February. It’s only been 10 days. But I’m still going strong. I also LOVE pasta! I used to enjoy  bread with my pasta. Double trouble! Trying to keep my blood sugars in check wasn’t happening with that winning combination. I’m finding that cutting pasta has been a bit easier than it was with bread. Next month I will tackle white potatoes.


I’m hoping that I can get to a point where I can control myself and be able to enjoy these carbilicious foods responsibly. Until then I have to be hard on myself. I can admit that at this point I would totally fall of the wagon if I allow myself to indulge here and there. I’ll reward myself at the end of the month and be happy with that. My name is May, and I’m a Carbaholic.