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What’s On Your Mind?

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll have seen this question asked in your status update box. I thought it would make a cool blog post, so here I am.

What’s On Your Mind?

Today I’m thinking about how I binged the entire new series Fuller House on Netflix. I started out mildly curious about what the reboot of the original, Full House, would be like. I started with the intention of watching the first episode. By the time I knew it, I blew through the entire series. It took me back to my younger days of being a couch potato (Nothing has changed in that regard lol) I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. It was entertaining.

When will all the plans I put into motion last year come together? It feels like no  matter what I do, I’m taking one step forward and two steps back. The important thing, though, is that I’m not giving up.

I can’t wait until I treat myself to bread at the end of this month. (Read this blog post to better understand)

Trying to figure out why I can’t get along with certain people. It bothers me. Not in a way where I just want to like them and vice versa. It bothers me because I’m letting them get to me and alter my mood. I’m mad at myself, really.

I enjoy sitting with my dogs and letting them climb all over me and try to lick my face off. I’m left wondering If I’ll ever be a people person instead of an introverted hermit.

My future is weighing heavily on my mind today. Will I be friends with the same people a few years from now? Will I still be living in the same area for much longer? Will I accomplish my goal of wading into the dating pool this year? Will I be financially rewarded for working my ass off?

The night is still young. There’s bound to be 100 more things on my mind until I close my eyes. But now I want to know what’s on your mind?






April 22, 2010. That’s the date my first novel was released! It’s almost that time again. My baby will be celebrating its first birthday. Join me in celebrating this milestone. Over at my publisher’s facebook page, we’re holding a contest. Here is a snippet from the publisher’s post:

“In honor of our one year bookaversary, the day our debut titles were released. We will be holding a contest throughout the month of April. Our actual bookaversary is April 22. Celebrate with us!

(Click here for Touche Publishing’s Facebook Page)

Refer a Friend Contest

The contest will be set up with a points system in place. Be the first contestant to accumulate 100 points and win! By getting your friends to participate on Touche Publishing’s “fan” page, through various activities, you can be the winner of an Electronic Book Reader.”


(Click here for the full post)

A big thanks to everyone who has followed my journey this past year.  You have made it such a rewarding experience for me. I continue to learn from each one of you. You only make me better, so don’t go anywhere 🙂

Just Thought I’d Mention It

Just a few weeks ago, I posted a blog entry about how difficult it was to find reciprocity.  I wanted to write a quick follow-up to that post. While I still see a huge lack of reciprocity in my networking circle, I have to bring attention to those who have come through. One of the replies to my post came from a gentleman I came across in cyberspace. He pointed out how keeping track of several hundred contacts can be somewhat difficult. I understand his point, and  totally see how it could be.  I think what irks me most, is the number of people whose only concern is having the most friends and followers. The ones interested in only serving their needs. I look for people who actually engage their friends and followers. So this post is dedicated them. *I provided direct links to each person mentioned. So, please click on the highlighted text to “meet” them.* 🙂

The gentleman I mentioned above, is Draven Ames. He’s a writer and takes interest in the people in his social networking circle, whether it be Twitter or Facebook. Although he has many followers and hundreds of friends on Facebook, he still manages to be approachable.  Follow him on Twitter or through his blog Another Slightly Scary Story. Find out more about him. You’ll be glad you did.

Being Latino Online Magazine, is a site I first came upon via Facebook. They bring together the Latino community through a series of informative articles. They help educate while also being entertaining. No matter who the author is of a particular article, you can rest assured that they will appreciate your interest and converse with you. You can follow them on Twitter and check out their magazine here on WordPress

Just by connecting with Draven Ames and Being Latino, I was able to be exposed to others, I find interesting to follow.

Sheri Jenkins White– She writes great stories. You have to check them out on Chaos and Contentment

Julio Varela– He has an excellent blog on WordPress and might I add, cojones! [sorry :-)]

Icess Fernandez -Nice to chat with. Check out her blog Writing to Insanity

Ms Kitty Alvarez– So much fun to chat up. Check her out on Twitter

John Marino– Cool blog about horror. Check him out at Horror Writing

Laurel-Rain Snow– Always an active participant on my blog. You can check out her blog here on WordPress

I’m sure I’ll be updating this list frequently. Finally, I also want to mention a few of my personal friends who always show me support.

R.C. Berry-Fantastic new author and my partner on this publishing journey. Kind and amazing friend! Check her out on Facebook and Touché Publishing

Amy Priscilla Kim– I’ve known Amy over 10 years now. She’s smart and sassy. She’s also an Independent Sales Representative/eRepresentative at Avon. Find out more info at her Avon website and follow her on Twitter.

Jen Ryan-Super cool lady and good friend. She has been a big supporter. Jen has a blog which is one of my favorites, UnseenNYC. Since most tour guide sites and books concentrate on Manhattan, her site caters to the other boroughs of New York City. Follow her on Twitter

Angela McCool– Fun, with a lot of spunk. She is a “friend of a friend” who quickly became one of mine. She just launched her new products which you can find at Mariposa Fashions. I think the ladies will love them and men even more 😉

I enjoy sharing cyberspace with each of these people, just thought I’d mention it.

Why Is It So Hard To Find People Who Will Reciprocate?

I’m just wondering, do the people who choose to use Facebook or Twitter for business purposes, really care about networking? I’ve created a few different accounts for my business endeavors, separate from my personal life. For nearly a year, next to none of the people who initiated a connection, even interact with me. I didn’t seek them out, they requested the “friendship.” Most of them post all about themselves, and offer no feedback to the people they chose to put in their circle. Like me.

Why bother surrounding yourself with tons of people, who could potentially, become customers, just to ignore them? Are they so consumed in trying to make a name for themselves, that they forget the need to actually connect with potential consumers? I don’t enjoy feeling like I was put on someone’s contact list, only, to be constantly pitched with their product.

To me, networking is like a give and take. I’ll pitch my idea to you, and then listen when you pitch your idea. Maybe, take it a little further, and introduce one another’s goods to our respective contacts. It doesn’t seem to work out that way. I feel like people are more interested in accumulating a large number of “friends” just to show that they can. Are all these people actively involved? Do they contribute, at all, to your cause? Have they become a consumer of your goods? No, mostly they’re just taking up space. You’ve invited them into your circle, to watch the one-man show  that you created.

After a while of witnessing this, I finally decided to try to create a space, for people who were serious about networking. I started a Facebook page, dedicated to helping people with a good or service, connect with others like them. People joined the page, and I began to feel hopeful. Sadly, of the number of people who joined, there are, perhaps, three people who contribute. That’s including me.

I’m going to try to remain hopeful, because I truly believe in the cause. I consider myself to be supportive, of those trying to make things happen for themselves. Anyway I can help, I will. Why is it so hard to find people who will reciprocate?

Where Do We Draw The Line?

I work from home, so I spend a considerable amount of time on the internet. I search the web for tips on improving my life, both, personally and professionally. Therefore, I participate on the popular networking sites such as, Facebook and Twitter. I have an account for each of the aforementioned areas of my life. I do love the idea of being able to stay in touch with family and friends alike, who I don’t see very often. I interact with long-lost high school classmates and even old crushes. It sounds like such a great deal, on paper. It really should be, but there is one thing that just ruins it for me. Drama! Why on Earth do people, in their infinite wisdom, air their dirty laundry on Facebook? Who the hell wants to know that you’re having a spat with your significant other. Even worse, having that spat played out on status updates!  Can we say awkward! Apparently, not awkward enough for the individuals involved. I’ve had friends update me about their girlfriends passing gas, sex habits, how they like sex,how they are just about to go have sex,  how they just finished having sex, public disputes with a lover, how their lover doesn’t appreciate them because they didn’t text them, how much they hate their lives, etc. Everything I just mentioned is on any given day. Yes, I’ve accepted friend requests from these people. I had no idea what I was accepting. Am I wrong in thinking this is just too much? Should I be accepting everyone’s right to express themselves freely?  Where do we draw the line?

Networking and Support


I really have to hand it to people in the marketing and advertising fields. It’s a tough job! I think I can safely say, for me, writing my book, Enchanted Island, was the easiest part. Getting people interested in the book, was not that hard. It’s the getting people to dig into their pockets, is what’s proving a bit difficult. There are those I never thought would purchase and read my book, then there’s the ones I thought for sure would jump on  it, and haven’t noticed it at all :). I search everyday, for ways to market the book, it’s really like having a part-time job. In networking with other writers, and business orientated people,  there were some sites and even individuals, eager to network.

Since I know how hard it is to get the word out about my book, I’m going to dedicate this blog to those people and sites that have been kind to me. Taking an interest in my work, and using networking sites for their intended purpose, networking 🙂 Please take the time to check any one of these people or sites out.

My partner, R.C. Berry is a talented new author. She’s one to look out for. Her debut novel Set in Stone: The Life and Death of Medusa, is very well written and hard to put down. It will make a Greek Mythology fan out of anyone. Please check it out here:


On Facebook, a good friend of mine has a page Unseen NYC. It ‘s a wonderful page where you can go and have all the information you need to see NYC. The page concentrates mostly on the other four boroughs of NYC, since most sight seeing books mostly cover Manhattan. It is a wonderful tool.


On facebook, every writer trying to get their work out there should join the group, For The love of Books,This group is a great way to connect authors, and readers. I have received great support from the group. I highly recommend it. Show some love by joining:


Another great Facebook group is Online Networking Connections. It’s created by Cara Wadsworth. The concept is simple, post your link for others to view, and in turn view links that others post. Support each other and create a bigger network.


Here on WordPress, Cherilaser was the first ever to comment on my blog and give me useful tips. If you’re reading this, thanks Cheri! For everyone else you can find Cheri here cherilaser.wordpress.com. Thank you, all who have contributed to my blog. You make my life a little more interesting.

I hope you all get a chance to check out these few links, I’m sure you will enjoy them.

Crowded Shoulder

I feel like my positive energy is being sucked dry by the negative energy of the people surrounding me. I look around and it seems like everybody is stuck in misery. What’s even worse, I’m really starting to believe some folks thrive in it. I have a feeling that these people can only function properly when they’re drowning in a sea of drama. The endless, I can’ts or I’m trying to’s , I’m lost, I’m lonely, I broke, I’m tortured, I hate where I live, I don’t want to even live on this planet,I hate my life, my life is like a song, my girlfriend sucks,my girlfriend doesn’t suck,I hate my job, my boyfriend doesn’t care, my boyfriend is annoying,I’m in a dark place,nobody understands me, you’re the best, you’re the worst, and the list could go on forever.  I try to be a source of positivity for these people and they turn around and ignore me, in favor of someone who wants to commiserate in their torturous existence. It’s like they only want to associate with people who will coddle and enable negative thoughts and behavior.

I do admit to loving social networking sites like Facebook, but I’m beginning to see how these misery lovers are getting their validation through replies on their status updates. It’s opened the door to a global gathering of whiners looking for sympathy. I realize that, some may think  I’m just as guilty by writing this blog. There’s a few reasons why I blog. For one, I come here to let off steam and blog about things going on in my life, for those who would like to get to know me, the writer. I try to keep it positive in most cases. It helps to get my thoughts and feelings out, perhaps giving me inspiration for a story. At least here, if  someone wants to read it, they can, it’s not like I’m going out of my way to say hey “look at me, I need attention.” No one is receiving a status update about my blog unless they’ve signed up to follow it. I haven’t forgotten that, I did make a choice to add people to my Facebook page. However, I just don’t subscribe to remaining in constant agony and making sure everyone knows it.

So, there may very well be, nobody reading this and that’s ok.  I’m getting ready to be in the public eye, with  the release of my first book. I figure sometimes people want to know a little about an author of a book they’ve enjoyed. Lastly, I  blog in the hopes of networking and getting some form of promotion for my work. I like to believe, I blog in a way that even if there’s something negative in my life, I can still see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s not the case with the people surrounding me. It’s really getting to me, how people are just so self-centered. I don’t know if Tweeting and Facebook status updating, are the cause for all the “Look at me” people running rampant. I for one, am sick and tired of people, whether through Facebook or instant messaging, bombarding me with their troubles. They get sound advice , then ask me how I’m doing, as an afterthought. Sometimes I feel like people ask me how I’m doing just to get it out of the way, so they can continue with talking about themselves, with a clear conscious. I’ve been in conversations where, I announce something important going on in my life, and it gets passed over. I’ve also had people pop up on my instant messenger program, solely to rant to me about an issue,and log off as soon as I’ve helped them to feel better. I’m slowly losing patience and, as a result, will probably end up being less available. That’s not exactly who I am, so I’m hoping that this phase won’t last too long.