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I Wish It Wasn’t So Easy For Me to Lose It


It has  been nearly two months since I last blogged. I don’t really have a good reason for staying away so long. I just sort of took a break from everything and did absolutely nothing. I think maybe it’s a case of burn out. Everything  became too much. I have this blog, multiple social networking pages, and am attempting to  write a second novel. Add a hectic everyday life and there you have it, burn out. My mind is nothing but mush. I’ve also embarked on a very unsuccessful weight loss journey. I have been working my ass off with no results. So I’m frustrated, at the moment, to say the least. I also started a new blog to chronicle my journey to Wrestlemania, the Superbowl of World Wrestling Entertainment. It’s a gift to myself for making it to my 4oth birthday next year.

I feel like I’m busy, busy, busy, but getting nowhere. I feel like I’m in a rut. Not much is going on with my book and writing in general. Very few seem to be interested and it feels like all my hard-work was for nothing.  Yeah, I feel that I accomplished something, so that’s a tiny success in itself. I suppose I should look at the glass as half full. It’s been a little hard as of late.

I watch people who are decent struggle to make good things happen for themselves. While I see those who treat people like shit, get ahead in life. New houses, new cars, new lovers etc. It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me right now. So many of my friends are struggling and out of work, while some others just sit on their asses living off the backs of their fellow humans. Why is this okay? Liars, cheats and low-down dirty people making it big. There must be something I’m missing. Sure the grass is not always greener, but damn it sure feels like it. I still question when my grass is going to be greener. I, by no means, am at rock-bottom, but I sure would like to be in a better place. Better than those who go after things in an under-handed way. That’s all.

So here I am, once again, trying to find that positive spirit. I wish it wasn’t so easy for me to lose it.

For Goodness Sake, Shut Up!

I’m going to make this blog entry like me, short and sweet. (Really,  I am…sweet) I’m so tired of people publicly, doling out advice and appearing to be so enlightened, when I know for a fact they are so full of shit. Liars, cheats, people who don’t know the meaning of reciprocity or loyalty, telling others to cherish friends and what not.  Hypocrite much? For goodness sake, shut up!

Waking Up Mad at Someone

Have you ever woken up  just so mad at someone? They haven’t really done anything to you lately but, you’re just mad as hell at them. I hate losing the power for that brief moment, when I succumb to the anger. Just when I think I’m over something, it sneaks back up, unexpectedly. Then, I feel powerless because I allowed them to have that power over me. Ugh!  There’s one thing I hate, which I suppose most people do, as well. It’s being lied to. I hate that individuals underestimate my intelligence. At first, when I know someone is spinning a tall tale, I humor them. That’s probably my biggest mistake. In an attempt not to make them feel uncomfortable, I say nothing. I suppose I could use past tense here. (There’s no way I’m going back to that practice) For years, I had what I thought was a close friend, tell lie after lie. I think we both knew that he was the biggest bullshitter known to man. Yet, I continued a friendship with him. Because of my own doing, I wake up with regret. Regret, for wasting so many years on a friendship founded on a pack of lies. I enabled this person’s behavior and now I have nerve to be upset about it. I think that simple fact makes me more angry than anything. I hate that I allowed myself to be closed off to better friendships and opportunities, on account of keeping this lying sack of shit in my life. My regret turns to anger, and in turn, has me waking up mad at someone else 😦