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Hooray! For Second Chances

So, here’s what’s happening. A few years ago I published my first novel, Enchanted Island. Fast forward a few years and I’m re-releasing the book. I made a few mistakes the first time around which I’m correcting now. You see, I passively marketed while secretly hoping my family and friends would lend a helping hand. I must say a handful, and I mean one hand, did actually purchase and read the book. Those people will always be remembered and appreciated. My only problem is I have close to 300 friends on my personal Facebook page and just under 10 of them jumped on board to support me. It’s true they don’t really owe me anything. But still, isn’t it nice to have the support of your peers? I think so.

Time went on and I saw that they weren’t particularly interested in anything I had to say regarding my book. I was so proud of myself for stepping up and seeing this thing through. Most people don’t. I know whenever I see a friend or even a distant acquaintance involved in something cool, that I’m so thrilled for them. I jump right in and support however I can. My mistake was wishing that people would do the same for me. I was wrong. When the book was just coasting along with trickling sales here and there every month, I resigned myself to the fact that, I’m not going to make it. I became resentful and even stopped writing for a while.

Every now and then I’d get a burst of inspiration and resume my feeble effort to market my work. There came a point in time nearly two months ago where I got this fire in my belly once again. I finally came to terms with the fact that I couldn’t really count on my inner circle to help me get to the next level. When I saw everyone around me taking care of themselves, even the ones I helped at some point in time, I just had had enough.

It came time for me to get out there and mingle. I needed to connect with people so they could get to know what I’m all about. It’s important for me that people see who I am and what I’m about. I came up with a fun way to help make this happen. To celebrate the new look for my book I have a summer-long contest going. If you follow my blog you know about the Enchanted Summer Games. The games are a way for the readers to get to know me and a little about my book. I received the proof yesterday and gave it a once over. I’m happy to say, Enchanted Island is now available in paperback with the new cover and also for Kindle devices. Hooray! For second chances.


Enchanted Island with new cover and new attitude.

Paperback copies of  Enchanted Island are available here

I Wonder…

I wonder if people are hesitant to pick up Enchanted Island because they think that they wouldn’t relate? Yes, there is a Puerto Rican flag on the cover. Yes, the heart of the story takes place in Puerto Rico. Yes, 3 of the 4 main characters are, indeed, Puerto Rican. Yes, you will learn the history of Puerto Rico. What you will also get is an adventure. You will follow along as four young people come of age. You will fall in love with these youngsters and watch their transformation into young-adulthood. They go through the same situations as any one of you.

Not that I was surprised, but I had people, not of Puerto Rican heritage,  tell me that they could so relate to the main character, Gabby. We each have issues and circumstances that we wish we could change. Really, at the core, we are more alike than not. We mostly all want the same things out of this thing called life. We’re all on this life journey together; sometimes facing horrendous situations that do not discriminate.  No matter where you come from. No matter the language you speak or the color of your skin.

Some of us come from a warm loving family and some not so much. Everyone falls in love and  we make and lose friends. We face obstacles and fight to overcome them. These are just some of the things that the characters in my book face. Will this persuade you to take a chance on Enchanted Island? I wonder…

Please Don’t Tell Anyone

There’s Halloween, then there’s New Year’s Eve. Two of my favorite times of year. I remember at my family celebrations my mother would always cry when the new year arrived. Without fail, the tears would flow at the stroke of midnight. My mother always hosted the New Year’s Eve celebration.  The family would come over, and boy, we’re a big one! We’d eat, the adults would drink, and we were all merry. Once it was 12 O’Clock we’d all have to make our rounds and be sure to kiss everyone. Such fond memories.

As a lot of families do, we expanded and spread out across New York.  Our celebrations fizzled out and everyone went on with their lives. It makes me sad but my love of the holiday remains. As I grew older and had kids of my own I realized why my mother would cry. Something about saying goodbye to a year and welcoming a new one, is bittersweet.  You might have lost a loved one, yet another one might have been born.  Your life seems to be speeding ahead but you might feel like you’re standing still. There are things you would have liked to accomplish and didn’t, or perhaps there’s things you carried out with ease.  In that one minute where you leave a year behind to begin anew, a hodgepodge of emotions swirl about.

During the holidays, in general, people examine their lives.  Love pops up instantaneously in the equation. Lost love, current love, future love, any form. Romantic, friendly, and the love for your family. As much as I have resisted the notion of falling in love again, I have to say that each passing year is bringing me closer to…*gulp* taking the plunge. After my last relationship ended I sort of gave up on the idea. I’m embarrassed to say it’s been about 5 or 6 years.

The thing that prompted this post was the fact that I went to see the movie New Year’s Eve. It was such a lovely movie and it inspired me. It reminded me about that magical time in your life when you’re in love.  I know it’s fiction and fairy tale endings but it left an impression on me. It renewed my faith in love. And for the first time in years I feel like I’d be ready to function in a loving, healthy relationship.  For a long time I was so content on just enjoying my own company. It’ll be hard to now share my precious time, if and when I decide to enter a relationship, but I won’t feel bad for wanting or needing my own space.  I have confidence that the lucky person who enters my life would understand.

Now that you’ve read this post, I’m going to have to swear you all to secrecy, because my friends are not going to recognize the person who wrote this 😀

So, please, don’t tell anyone.