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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Kindred Spirits--release date 10/31/13

Kindred Spirits–release date 10/31/13

So I’ve published my second book and of course I’m little nervous about how it will be received.  I joke about how people will think I’m utterly mad after having read the book. I’m not too concerned with that because I think we’re all a little crazy :)! I do, however, worry about people being cross with me for what I’ve done to a sacred topic.  I believe people refer to this as, blasphemy.  *Dun dun dunnn… Thunder clap*

I’m not heavily into religion but I do respect everyone’s beliefs and have always had the opinion that no one is right and no one is wrong. Is blasphemy still a big deal? I’m not being sarcastic or careless when I ask. I’m genuinely curious. As I’ve stated, I’m not a very religious person so I don’t know.  So, tell me, does it turn you off from an author’s future work if they’ve blasphemed? Inquiring minds want to know.

Hooray! For Second Chances

So, here’s what’s happening. A few years ago I published my first novel, Enchanted Island. Fast forward a few years and I’m re-releasing the book. I made a few mistakes the first time around which I’m correcting now. You see, I passively marketed while secretly hoping my family and friends would lend a helping hand. I must say a handful, and I mean one hand, did actually purchase and read the book. Those people will always be remembered and appreciated. My only problem is I have close to 300 friends on my personal Facebook page and just under 10 of them jumped on board to support me. It’s true they don’t really owe me anything. But still, isn’t it nice to have the support of your peers? I think so.

Time went on and I saw that they weren’t particularly interested in anything I had to say regarding my book. I was so proud of myself for stepping up and seeing this thing through. Most people don’t. I know whenever I see a friend or even a distant acquaintance involved in something cool, that I’m so thrilled for them. I jump right in and support however I can. My mistake was wishing that people would do the same for me. I was wrong. When the book was just coasting along with trickling sales here and there every month, I resigned myself to the fact that, I’m not going to make it. I became resentful and even stopped writing for a while.

Every now and then I’d get a burst of inspiration and resume my feeble effort to market my work. There came a point in time nearly two months ago where I got this fire in my belly once again. I finally came to terms with the fact that I couldn’t really count on my inner circle to help me get to the next level. When I saw everyone around me taking care of themselves, even the ones I helped at some point in time, I just had had enough.

It came time for me to get out there and mingle. I needed to connect with people so they could get to know what I’m all about. It’s important for me that people see who I am and what I’m about. I came up with a fun way to help make this happen. To celebrate the new look for my book I have a summer-long contest going. If you follow my blog you know about the Enchanted Summer Games. The games are a way for the readers to get to know me and a little about my book. I received the proof yesterday and gave it a once over. I’m happy to say, Enchanted Island is now available in paperback with the new cover and also for Kindle devices. Hooray! For second chances.


Enchanted Island with new cover and new attitude.

Paperback copies of  Enchanted Island are available here

Blog Update

I’ve decided to separate my business posts from my personal posts. Here is where I will continue to share my triumphs, disappointments and even those pesky rants. Specifics about my writings and upcoming projects can be found on Written by May Torres. I do hope you will hop on over and follow.  See you there 😉

P.S. 😀 Even though I know you’re rushing right over to the new blog, I want to share this post about a fun idea I’m thinking about>> Enchanted Summer Games

For The Love of Reading

As I scour the internet, to drum up interest for Enchanted Island, I’m finding that, many of our young people don’t like to read.  I’ve seen on countless social networking profiles, statements like, “I don’t need books, I hate reading.”  It saddens me to see such things coming from our youth.  Taking a closer look, a majority of these statements are coming from minorities. It makes me wonder,what made them so adamant about not reading? I remember back to when I was younger, how much I enjoyed reading. In my teen years, I only stuck to one genre, but at least I was reading. As I got older, I branched out into different genres and reaffirmed my love of reading. I can remember when I was just a little girl, my mother would make sure that I had books to read. I fondly remember books from my youth and how my mother took the time to read them to me. My favorite story was Harry and The Terrible Whatzit by Dick Gackenbach. Great memories come to mind as I recall that time. I question whether these youngsters that dislike reading so much, had the same experience. I’m gathering, perhaps not. When I became a mother, I followed my mother’s example and, bought lots of books for my children.  My son started kindergarten at age four and, already knew how to read. My youngest, I swear, she came out of the womb talking. I’m not in any way saying I deserve, mother-of-the-year award. I just wish more parents would instill a love of reading. It’s disheartening to read statements from our youth, that they hate reading. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of them not having stories and characters to relate to, or just exactly what I pointed out before. Parents not taking the time to read and stress the advantages of reading. Even more so, now, it’s my mission to create stories for those who feel slighted. Writers write what they know about, so the question should be, are there enough minority writers in the main stream? I’m not so sure. Growing up, I don’t believe I ever read a story with Latino characters. I’m sure they had to be out there, just not readily available. My hope is that, I can help to change this situation.  For the love of reading! Our minority kids need to be engaged.