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What’s On Your Mind?

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll have seen this question asked in your status update box. I thought it would make a cool blog post, so here I am.

What’s On Your Mind?

Today I’m thinking about how I binged the entire new series Fuller House on Netflix. I started out mildly curious about what the reboot of the original, Full House, would be like. I started with the intention of watching the first episode. By the time I knew it, I blew through the entire series. It took me back to my younger days of being a couch potato (Nothing has changed in that regard lol) I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. It was entertaining.

When will all the plans I put into motion last year come together? It feels like no  matter what I do, I’m taking one step forward and two steps back. The important thing, though, is that I’m not giving up.

I can’t wait until I treat myself to bread at the end of this month. (Read this blog post to better understand)

Trying to figure out why I can’t get along with certain people. It bothers me. Not in a way where I just want to like them and vice versa. It bothers me because I’m letting them get to me and alter my mood. I’m mad at myself, really.

I enjoy sitting with my dogs and letting them climb all over me and try to lick my face off. I’m left wondering If I’ll ever be a people person instead of an introverted hermit.

My future is weighing heavily on my mind today. Will I be friends with the same people a few years from now? Will I still be living in the same area for much longer? Will I accomplish my goal of wading into the dating pool this year? Will I be financially rewarded for working my ass off?

The night is still young. There’s bound to be 100 more things on my mind until I close my eyes. But now I want to know what’s on your mind?